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Celine in her garden in Tadasana

Begin your inward journey

Inspired by Iyengar, my yoga classes focus on alignment and breath work to bring wellness to your body and mind.

Inclusive and open to all levels, my approach will help deepen your practice and help you understand better the foundations of the poses.

Ideal for those with injuries or chronic conditions, offering safe modifications and support.

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Level 1

> Suitable for beginners new to yoga and those injured or with chronic pain conditions

Level 1-2

> Suitable for those with prior practice of yoga


> Suitable for all 


> Iyengar influenced instructions

> Breathing work (pranayama)

> Use of props

> Relaxation

Are proposed:

> in English

> in French

> in group or in private

> online

Are offered in two different locations:

> my home in Mountain View near Sylvan Park

> a private strength training studio in San Jose near Santana Row

Celine in her living room in Sukhasana

My classes are not about working out. They are about giving you the tools to build solid foundations focusing on breathing and alignment. I use props to help you in both challenging and restorative poses. Any type of body (flexible or stiff) benefits from yoga. I want to show you that yoga is not about how you look but how you feel and how you connect with yourself.


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