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Celine in her garden in Tadasana

Begin your inward journey

Hatha yoga

Iyengar influenced

Vinyasa flows


Breathing work

Use of props

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Two locations

My home in Mountain View

Private studio
in San Jose


Yoga encompasses a holistic approach to well-being. While the physical aspect, or asanas, is an essential part of yoga practice, it's just one component. Yoga also includes breathwork (pranayama), meditation, ethical principles (yamas and niyamas), and philosophical teachings. These elements work together to cultivate mental clarity, emotional balance, spiritual growth, and overall harmony in life.

By integrating all aspects of yoga into daily living, you can experience profound transformation beyond the physical body, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

There is so much more to yoga

 than asanas*

* poses in Sanskrit

Celine in her living room in Sukhasana

Yoga isn't simply a practice; it's a lifestyle—a way of living consciously, mindfully, and authentically.

My classes are not about working out. They are about giving you the tools to build solid foundations focusing on breathing and alignment. I use props to help you in both challenging and restorative poses. Any type of body (flexible or stiff) benefits from yoga. I want to show you that yoga is not about how you look but how you feel and how you connect with yourself.

My approach



Classes can be booked either at my place for a semi private experience or in a small fitness studio. I also offer online classes, private classes and occasionally morning retreats.

Hatha Yoga

Mix of different yoga styles ranging from Iyengar to Vinyasa. Class will always incorporate breathing techniques and the use of lots of props to help you get in the pose in a safe way.

Level 0-1

This class is suitable for beginners new to yoga.

Level 1-2

This class is suitable for those with prior practice of yoga.

Each class held at my place ends with a guided relaxation. If you'd like, I will place a weighted lavender mask on your eyes, give you a soft head massage so you can truly let go. And to celebrate the time you took for yourself, I will treat you to a comforting cup of yogi chai tea, ensuring you're in the perfect state to carry on with your day.

(650) 338 8462

Mountain View | San Jose

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