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This class is not available. Contact me for further information.

Hatha Yoga | Home | Non native French

  • 35 US dollars
  • Home studio

What to expect

In French for non native speakers. Experience a Hatha yoga class designed for non-native French speakers, featuring slow-paced instructions and a fun approach to practicing the language. Join me in the comfort and privacy of my home, whether indoors or outdoors. Hatha yoga focuses on physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation, fostering harmony between the body and mind. Enhance flexibility, strength, and relaxation while improving your French skills. Hatha Yoga Class will start with some breathing techniques to help you ground yourself. I will then guide you through movements and poses aimed at developing strength, mobility and flexibility. Through the use of bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps, I will encourage an authentic connection with yourself while we are holding poses a little longer, or we go through more dynamic vinyasa flows. This is not a workout class inspired by yoga movements. This is a yoga class where we may take it slow at the beginning to work on our foundations. Attention must be brought on how you feel and not on how you look. Yoga isn't just about what happens on the mat, it's also about the choices we make every day, both on and off the mat, that shape our lives. I will give you tools to help you bring the yogic values to your daily life as this is part of our transformative journey. There is so much more to yoga than asanas (poses in Sanskrit). Home My living room easily turns into a yoga space. It's calm and inviting, with lots of natural light. An entire wall is made of windows offering a nice view on the patio and the pool. The wooden floor and the white walls make the space feel open and peaceful. In winter, we can turn on the fireplace for a cozy touch. When weather permits, we can have classes on the patio or grass. The outdoor setting, with a deck and a view on the pool, adds something special. Being outside lets you connect with nature, making the experience refreshing and revitalizing. Surrounded by trees, my place in the quiet neighborhood gives you a calm space for yoga, where you can find peace and focus.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please notify me at least 12 hours before the class begins. Bookings can be made on the website up until 12 hours before the class starts. If the class begins in less than 12 hours, please reach out to me directly to inquire about availability. Thank you for your cooperation.

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